Wine….Wine…Wine…Destination; Casa Rondena Winery, Albuquerque, NM

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Wine Wine Wine,

My travel preferences seem to draw me to churches and WINE.    Hey, I am Catholic so this works well.   They go together you know.  Thank goodness I am not Baptist I would miss all the good wine, and margaritas and such.

So this trip to Albuquerque, NM was no different.  I decided to make a journey through Albuquerque wineries and one of our first stops was Casa Rondena.

If you Google the list of wineries in NM you can get a pretty good plan on where and how far you want to travel to see them. We chose our locations by how close they were to our traveling center which was Albuquerque.

The winery itself is in the outskirts of Albuquerque but not far at all. You go through what seems to be ranch land and or larger properties. The drive itself is fairly scenic.  Not too far out and easy access really.

When approaching Casa Rondena you are presented with fantastic scenery. As the property it sits on is extremely manicured and well done. It’s not surprising weddings are popular here.

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In the middle of a desert you have a this little Southwest oasis. Which is just what we where looking for. The small vineyard that they have on sight is right next to the tasting room You are able to spend time walking the vineyard as well as the property for as long as you like.

It’s a good thing not too many people were around outside when we were looking.  They would have seen this crazy lady trying to take blog worthy pics hanging off several walls and such.  Not too mention trying to walk into the private club they had on the estate.  Only for the select club members.  Of which I am not.

The winery grows its own grapes as well as purchases grapes from the surrounding New Mexico area.  The vineyard on the property itself is very small.  I could not locate a source to tell me if they use those grapes for the wine or not.  It was still coming out of winter when we were there.  So the vines were still barren of leaves.

casa rodena 3

Inside is a good size bar area where the wine tasting is done. If you walk through that area you are able to sit in the large lounge area. The lounge and outside area are expansive and you can sit anywhere and enjoy a glass of wine.

The vintner John Calvin has been selected best vintner for 4 years running in Albuquerque.  He spent some time in Spain and developed an appreciation for music, wine, and architecture.  It is all apparent in every aspect of the winery.  His love for the arts bleeds into not only the style of the winery but the wines themselves.  Handcrafted to achieve a beautiful balance and without adding sucrose as most in the New Mexico wine making business do.

His nose and taste has paid off in some fine wines.  I tried several of the reds.  The one I enjoyed the most was Cabernet Franc – The original red wine of the Loire Valley in France, Cabernet Franc grows well here in New Mexico. It exhibits fruit-forward flavors of blackberries, dark cherry and earthiness while being medium bodied and soft on the finish.

casa rodena1a

The whole place is beautiful and we would not hesitate to go again.  I promise not to try and get into the private club now that I know it’s private.

While traveling through the southwest look for these little boutique wineries they are true gems.  Make sure to tell them that Travel with T sent you.   Need help booking let me know or even just to say hi.

Maybe I will see you on one of my ventures.  I would love to share a glass with you.  Cheers!!!!!

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