The Man way the Woman Way

Ok so we made it!   We did not break anything on the way, we didn’t kill each other, and we actually still like each other.

The Drive

Our plans did not quiet work though.  We had planned to drive through the day and get to the park early on or before dusk at least.  This was our first time driving, hauling, and parking the 5th wheel.  We had everything worked out.  We had read, practiced, and planned.  Sometimes plans don’t execute as well in real life as your mind intends them too.

We arrived at the park fairly late and the spot they gave us was not capable of handling our 5th wheel.   It really had to do with the position of our slides and the trees.   So after about a 1 hour of trying to get into the spot. Then countless input from the RV pro’s, and various checks on the computers from the RV pro’s wives, the decision was they gave us another space.

More than likely they felt sorry for the 2 new full time rv living people.  Who could not quite fit their shiny and brand new 38ft home away from home in the space provided.  Now, getting a 38 foot rig into anywhere is not easy especially on your first day.   So to the credit of the two new RV owners, the space was a little off and the trees were right in the way of the slides.

Yet, what happened after that was classic man and woman difference in mentality or dare I say Jupiter and Saturn.  Hopefully most of you will get that reference.

It began to unfold as we broke every rule of the 5th Wheel pulling gentleman at who we faithfully read before we began. We practiced ourselves in the RV sale parking lot and we were ready to go.  We thought we were ready.

rv redwood

EXCEPT, when it actually got down to it all the rules changed.  First thing out of the gate the RV pros were on us like, well you know.   Most likely it was the smell of blood in the water.  They were all very nice and wanted to help but we had just read the nice bloggers instructions stating to do it yourself.    We were prepared to say no and we were prepared to do just as the nice man on the love your rv blog stated.

Something else happened though and it was that man thing.   Those gentleman just pushed me aside and they started taking over.

I realized then at that moment that my husband’s man thinking was actually flawed. You see we had this perfect plan.  He stated that I could not drive because it was a man thing. He stated I just needed to let him drive.  That this man thing was just that a man thing.   I sat there I explained that if I had to at one point break his legs I was going to drive the 5th wheel.   Because that was a woman thing.


So when we arrived at the rv park all the men’s man thing took over. They decided they knew best and I just needed to be the woman and stand off to the side and let the men do the man thing. I even think while all this was transpiring one of the men even shooshed his wife.  Wait it might have been my husband!

They were all busy doing the man thing and just about 2 hours later they finished with the man thing and the 5th wheel was where it should be.  It was completely dark, everyone was slightly frustrated, and Paul was completely exhausted.

I think it might have taken me less time doing it the woman way without all the man things going on.

Whew glad that is over!

The Journey is part of the destination

If there comes a time that any one tells you it’s a man thing go ahead tell them just what you think.  That is if you can get a word in edgewise.  Especially, with the all different directions going on at the same time as they all proceed to do the man thing.

I am sure glad I don’t live in that man thing world it’s much more pleasant in my woman thing brain.

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