The man way the Women way Fishing

Cascade Creek 1

Ok I am the first to tell you I am not, nor ever have been a fishing woman. I don’t know the first thing about it.   I have been fishing but not a whole lot. My dad and my husband fish quite often and enjoy it.   I can tell you my husband’s idea of fishing spots and mine are totally different. Maybe that has to do with my concept of fishing.  Which is I have no concept.

Cascade Creek 2

I am looking for beautiful spots, picturesque, relaxing, peaceful, and serene. I think my husband’s idea is ease, fish, and him in the quiet box for a Sunday afternoon.   I get the feeling that not much more is needed for him. So being we are now on the relaxed lifestyle I thought I would tag along with him just to see and spend time with him.

Cascade Creek 3

Now my preference would up the Dolores River where I could sit on the rocks and enjoy the river passing by.

My husband’s preference where we ended up at first was off the side of the Lake next to construction and aspalt rock.


I immediately put an end to that choice and asked for “THE COMPROMISE”. It is not my idea of peace sitting on alphalt or a hot rock with no chairs casting a line into a not so pretty area.  So being we were both going I thought we needed to compromise and maybe get a little of both.  Something each of us could enjoy and still catch fish.  That is if they were biting.


So we are off to his second choice. Again at the lake as he say’s fishing is better there. So we end up by some ponds area of the lake with at least somewhat of a view.  Now so you understand my idea was the fishing of a “River Runs Through It” idea.

Cascade Creek 1

It’s like peaceful, you can hear the water running, which brings tranquility to the place.  I start to imagine the dancing of the fishing poles in and out of the water “INTERUPTION”…………………………   That was just so not happening.

So I settled or for you married folks we compromised for a little spot where I could sit in the back of the jeep and still enjoy the lake.

Just so you know there is a lot of that compromising stuff going on in a marriage.  No asphalt for him and no river run’s through it for me.

DSC_0258  (Now this is a spot I loved alas not where we went)

I opted not to fish as I did not have a license but to sit down and just enjoy the afternoon watching my husband cast his line into the lake.  All and all it was an enjoyable afternoon for the downsized, RV lifestyle, luxury minimalist.