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Welcome to Travel with T your destination discovery agent.  I am Teresa, my blog is all about travel.   My husband Paul is along for the ride.   From budget to luxury, from backpacking to tours, it’s all about the discovery.   So goes our eclectic journeys and we will share with you some of our experiences.   I started this blog to help promote my work as a Destination Discovery Agent also known as a Travel Agent.  So there is a booking button up top if you care to use it.  Or if you would like after you trekked through my site and would like help discovering your destination, give me a call I would be happy to help you.

I will be taking you along my own journey’s but also will be adding post from some of my fellow travelers.  I will feature a special area for my year with Marriott Gold where I will be blogging about Marriott’s Loyalty program.  I have not made the top Platinum level but I have achieved gold and so I will take you through my year utilizing that little perk.  Is the loyalty worth it?  I don’t know yet we will have to see.  I will discuss points, perks, travel hacking, loyalty programs, and military or space A travel.

All about cruising, as I and my husband love to cruise we will take you along for the ride.  We usually travel with Princess, but have done Carnival also.  Stay tuned as we share with you the benefits of being a Black card Elite Cruiser on Princess.

Jeeping for adventure will be a standard feature for our blog as we ask you to buckle up and experience some to the best jeep country Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona have to offer.

Military, for those of you out there who have yet to discover the benefits of being retired military and what, where, and how, we can travel.  Or maybe for the old pro’s of space a travel you can share some of your travel hacks.

So Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit with me.  Buckle up and lets go a little unconventional.  Lets travel slow, travel fast, lets space a it, lets hike, lets jeep, lets fly, lets cruise, lets spend the night in the city, in the country, in the US, or out in the big vast world, lets fall asleep under the stars, or in a 5 diamond hotel, because really what it comes down to is it’s all about Destination Discovery.

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