Europe with a carry on for a wannabe fashionista


Traveling to Europe in the winter for two weeks can be a challenge for a 50 plus  lovenly plump wannabe fashionista with only a carry on.  It doesn’t have to be though. I am about to board with just that. One carry on and one personal item.   A rather large personal item yet a peronal item non the less.

Having a Delta Amex card grants me zone one boarding meaning I can get on before everyone else and this guarantees my bags make it on with me.   We opted for a upgrade on this flight due to the length and the orginal cost was only 5.60.  So our upgrade to Delta Comfort was 119.00 and this not only gives us better seating but can you guess?  Free WINE, beer, and spirits on international flights you get free booz anyway but my husband enjoys the leg room.  On domestic flights my 6’1 husband gets more leg room and I get free wine.  Fits well into my luxury minimalist lifestyle.  We booked the flight on points and paid a small amount to be upgraded to a little more luxury.  Not bad for me.


I chose Europe over Thanksgiving for the German Christmas Markets and we did it on points.  We only had a quick  51 minute plane change  and I did not want to take a chance on luggage not making it.  Also with a luxury minimalist less is more right?

Except I did bring on an extra bag which my purse fits in for boarding and then I remove my purse and have another bag.   You never know I might want to bring wine home too.  So that extra bag I carry in my bag for the way home might come in handy.  On the way home I don’t really care if I check a bag as I have free checked bags.  Also if I lose them they are shipped to many at home and it does not interupt my trip.


I managed to get all my outfits including electronics and extra bag in my carry on and one personal item.  Not too bad and I have several cute mix and match items and accessories.

I did not even attempt the standard tennis shoe or the classic Amercan  pair of sweats or jogging ware.  My style focused on classic, comfortable with a blend of colors that are mixed and matched easily.  For Paris I am choosing greys and blacks.  This classic color combination fits well for a 50 plus woman.  It is easly managed and can be made into many different outfits.


I myself enjoy dressing yet when I ocean cruise I tend to be a little more casual in style still avoiding tennis shoes most of the time in favor of a nice sandel.  I have always enjoyed my own moms style from a bygone era and she would never be caught dead in the store in sweat pants.   Bring on  Donna Reed from Father Knows Best that was my mom.  Classically beautiful.


So somehow that must have worn off and I don’t mind one bit.   I actually prefer it.  To each his own though and if sweatpants are your thing wear them proudly.

So I shall arrive in one of the best dressed cities for woman and here is how I did it.

My packing list is as follows

5 pairs of tights various colors for mixing

4 Sweater tops or dresses that can be worn either way

1 pair of jeans not for Paris but maybe for Amsterdam and or Germany

Scarfs at last 4

Knit caps 3 of different colors


Long sleeve tops 2 to wear under my dresses or shirts in case itis too cold

Socks at least 3 pair that I can wash

2 pair of boots one black one brown that is it for my foot wear.  Takes up too much room in winter.

Now I have to admit cramming all this into a carry on is a feet untoo itself.  All in all I am happy with my selection.   It works well and has the abiliy to give me multiple items throughout my trip.


Of course you will need a little bag for your electronics and such.   I opted for my tablet with my little keyboard instead of my small latop due to the weight of both.   Tablet gets me by for my blogging post but makes it harder to upload pictures.


I  recommend pinterest for choosing your wardrobe items it gives a lot help in choosing items for you to wear.  Guidence on what is popular and help choosing the style you wish.

Europe is great in Winter and don’t ever hesitate to go.   The crowds are way down and there is a magical beauty surrounding each

country, especially if you make it at the start of Advent for the Christmas Markets.

As always feel free to use my site to book travel as this is how I support myself.  Or if you would like me to book your travel give me a call or email and I would love to help.

Gotta run time for Gluhwein!

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