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Top 7 ways to save money on a cruise vacation

Top 7 tips to save money on a cruise

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What is the best way to see Vietnam and Cambodia?

What is the best way to see Vietnam and Cambodia?  When you think about Vietnam and Cambodia what pops into your mind? Do you imagine gliding along the Mekong Delta sipping on a Mai-tai as you watch a family washing their cow on the bank of the river?  Do you picture looking out from your […]

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River Cruising the Art of Luxury

The art of luxury river cruising

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An Amazing Journey Europe’s Christmas Markets

  The air is crisp and the scents of spice and roasted chestnuts are in the air as you walk through the village inspired Christmas scenes.   As you glance around you notice Christmas lights fill the streets with a soft warm glow where bobbles, bows, candy and special treasures await. It’s an old world style […]

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Why River Cruising is the best way to see Europe

Travel with T Photography I have experienced one of the best ways to see certain parts of Europe in a short amount of time which is the American Vacation and that is River Cruising.   Everything is taken care of including getting around the various countries.  No worries over hotels, where to eat, what to […]

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Why Germany should be on your travel radar!

In Paris I found fashion, history, and beauty and in Germany along the Rhine I have found a picturesque beauty that people often think about when looking at the Rhine.  My story is from the eyes of a River Cruise through the Rhine from The weather for the first part of our trip has been […]

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