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Why Germany should be on your travel radar!

In Paris I found fashion, history, and beauty and in Germany along the Rhine I have found a picturesque beauty that people often think about when looking at the Rhine.  My story is from the eyes of a River Cruise through the Rhine from The weather for the first part of our trip has been […]

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A Year with Marriott Gold destination: Renaissance Paris Verdome

Aaaah Paris I love you!   I could not have made a better choice than the Renaissance Paris Verdome.   A fairly small somewhat boutique property located close to the Seine River and many of the tourist destinations are only a short walk. Upon entrance you are greeted by door man a welcome sight in […]

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Europe with a carry on for a wannabe fashionista

Traveling to Europe in the winter for two weeks can be a challenge for a 50 plus  lovenly plump wannabe fashionista with only a carry on.  It doesn’t have to be though. I am about to board with just that. One carry on and one personal item.   A rather large personal item yet a […]

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My 5.60 cent Flight to Paris for two.

Europe Christmas Markets Photo Credit Travel with T do not use without permission. In my post about the German Christmas Markets I touched on points and travel.   Today I am going to delve a little deeper into the actual world of free and almost free travel.  So my husband “the man way guy” and I […]

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Affordable travel is it a myth?

  Affordable Travel is it a myth? I hear it all the time, how do you travel like you do?   Isn’t it expensive? Aren’t you afraid? I heard on the news that ….. Don’t you work? How do you take all that time off? I heard about that free travel but isn’t that just a […]

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The World of Points: Destination Germany Christmas Markets

The world is an oyster for those in the points game and it contains a pearl of great price in the end. It’s the smell of chestnuts roasting, spices of ginger and cinnamon permeating throughout the market as you head (if your me) straight for the spiced wine.   Everything is lite up and the […]

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