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What is Meaningful Travel “The Pilgrimage”

Travel is trending and seems on everyone’s list be it a bucket list.  It may be a vacation, a weekend, or an ongoing adventure, travel is everywhere.   People are looking at fulfilling dreams, and creating memories.  There is a shift to experience now.  It has been building lately and you see it everywhere.  An example is the […]

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“The Holy Doors” a different style of Travel

Your life is forever altered by one moment in time.

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Why Rome is truly the Eternal City

Rome The Eternal City   Rome is truly an eternal city.   There is really not a way to truly understand this though,  It takes a journey and it takes you to actually step foot there before you really understand why.  This history of the city is truly amazing from the Roman Coliseum to the Forum your are […]

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Treasure in the Desert: Destination Chapel of the Holy Cross

I left the Chapel of the Holy Cross with a sense of peace but also with a beautiful reflection of the many people that came each finding beauty in the Catholic faith through Art. It reminded me of a quote from St. Francis “Preach the Gospel always. If necessary, use words.”

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