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I am Teresa the “Travel with T” aspect of this whole venture.  My husband Paul is on this crazy ride with me.  Often times somewhat reluctantly I might add.  I am a travel Junkie and I work to support my travel habit.  Sometimes that work comes in various forms all to generate more time and dollars to travel.

Currently I am fortunate to have a job where I can take about 4 weeks and often more a year.  So I try and pack everything into that space of time.  For an American really 4 weeks is quite a lot.   There is a lot of strategic planning that goes on to get the most bang for my buck. This can be anything from using credit card points, military benefits such as what we refer to as a hop or Space A travel, FAM trips with our Travel Agency, and of course plain old hard cash.    My husband sometimes has referred to it as my scheming.  I tell him it is strategic planning and I think he is often frightened thinking about what my next planned journey exactly is.

So I am basically new to the whole blogosphere thing but I thought that I would dive in.  I have a travel booking site as I am an independent agent and I thought this might just add value to my page.  So here we are hopefully taking this journey together.  I hope to help you discover that travel is possible even on a 2 week schedule or weekend.  It takes planning yes, it takes initiative yes, it takes you just to say yes!

Both Paul and I have traveled extensively Paul on a large ship and not a cruise ship but a Navy vessel.  He retired after twenty years but not before visiting some great sights like Mogadishu, and some sand boxes in the Middle East.   Not to say he also hasn’t visited some beautiful places like Italy, Romania, Spain, France, Morocco, Israel, Egypt and of course throughout the US.  Me, I have been to most of the continental US, South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia & Caribbean.img_2028

So we thank you for visiting us and I look forward to taking you along with us on our journey.  Maybe even literally.


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