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Thanks for taking a moment out to pop in and visit me.   I have been in travel and hospitality on and off for over 20 plus years.   Through that journey I have been able to not only to live but visit many places throughout my life.  I have been married to the love of my life since 2003 and we have been blessed to visit many countries within that time period

Working in the industry allows me to live my passion.  There is nothing better to me then journeying throughout the world and my backyard to find new and beautiful experiences.  Travel is definitely a passion for me and my journey has me in my own back yard visiting Blowing Rock, North Carolina or having a cup of Caffe in Italy.   The world has so many experiences that amaze and delight.

I specialize in cruises, and those travel journey’s where you want to do a lot in one visit.  I would love to  So here we are hopefully taking this journey together.  I hope to help you discover that travel is possible even on a 2 week schedule or weekend.  It takes planning yes, it takes initiative yes, it takes you just to say yes!  I love faith based journey’s and I live my own out by going on pilgrimages.  If you are Catholic you might like my blog at TravelwithGraceandStyle.com This is where most of my pilgrimage travel is located.

Both Paul and I have traveled extensively Paul on a large ship and not a cruise ship but a Navy vessel.  He retired after twenty years but not before visiting some great sights like Mogadishu, and some sand boxes in the Middle East.   Not to say he also hasn’t visited some beautiful places like Italy, Romania, Spain, France, Morocco, Israel, Egypt and of course throughout the US.  Me, I have been to most of the continental US, South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia & Caribbean.img_2028

So we thank you for visiting us and I look forward to taking you along with us on our journey.  Maybe even literally.


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