A Traveling guide of a Mother of 6. A Guest Post on the blog this week

Who doesn’t love an adventure? Family vacations and spontaneous road trips. This is the stuff memories are made of. I’m a wife and a mother of 5 beautiful girls under 10 and I have a son who’s 17. When he chooses to bless us with his presence he helps me with the girls on our outings. Daddy works 6 days a week so he’s not there for all of our family outings. So for the most part, it is just me and my girls. I guess you can say I learned some tricks along the way. Because who wants to be stressed out when you could enjoy yourself instead.

I know the first thing most people think is “Wow, do you really travel with that many children?” And if you have over 3 children I’m sure you’ve heard ” You sure do have your hands full.” Tell me you haven’t heard that a million times over. So, the answer is yes, I travel with all those kids and I always have a system for traveling with my children or attending events with them without  being overwhelmed or having my “hands too full.” Just because I have more then one doesn’t mean I have to leave them at home. Plus, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. Lol!


My husband works a lot and sometimes has to travel for his job. Which means that most of the time it’s just me and the kids. I choose events close to home. This let’s me travel light. The bare necessities. A stroller, diaper bag which doubles as a purse, a blanket, my Nikon depending on event and an infant carrier, which straps to my body.



We love open grassy fields and live bands. The more space the better. Easy for us to put down our blanket and eat yummy food while listening to awesome music. The kids can run and play without worry of disturbing others. And as a parent I’m at ease because it’s not overcrowded. So, we choose festivals over the fair or something similar to the fair. Festivals allow us to enjoy the fair qualities without the fair crowd.



Although we love to go to festivals we equally love to travel. Nothing beats an awesome road trip! We love loading up the SUV with activities, movies, mermaid blankets and we can’t forget the memory foam neck rests for a comfy nap along the way. If we’re road trippin it, we’ll definitely be home late. This is actually an awesome time to travel. There’s no traffic and the kids are fast asleep. So turn up that radio to your favorite song. Or enjoy the silence and the view.


The key to a successful road trip when you have a lot of little one’s is to leave early  and come back late. They’ll be sleepy and fall asleep as soon as you hit the road. Trust me, it’s GLORIOUS! Lol!



When we get to where we’re going I make sure to drive as close as possible. If we can see it along the way even better. Like our trip to the Hoover Damn. We drove through the whole damn. Got off and walked a short ways to view it without being in a moving vehicle. Grand Canyon is another national monument you can enjoy just a few feet away from your vehicle. And then you have the option to take the kids walking or just enjoy the view from where you are. Maybe even have a picnic.



I know your thinking I probably would steer clear of an amusement park. Especially because i mentioned how awesome it is not to be in a crowd. But we love a good amusement park just like everyone else. That trip would obviously include the whole family. And maybe even grandma, grandpa or the kids favorite aunt and uncle. The more adults the better. You can even assign children to adults. I’d leave as much as possible at home. You don’t want to be lugging around all kinds of stuff for hours and hours. And when the smaller one’s get tired walking the park has plenty of strollers you can rent. So there you have it, even if you have 5 kids you can enjoy a beautiful family trip. After all, life is one big adventure!


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5 Tips for visiting the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean.  The temperatures in the Dominican average 70-88 degrees making it a perfect place to visit for that mid-winter break.  Dominican Republic is home to a thousand miles of gorgeous beaches, world class golf courses, great sporting adventures, and an incredible rich history.  It definitely has something for everyone.  My 5 best tips for visiting the Dominican Republic are below.


Where to stay?  The most developed area is the area of Punta Cana.  It’s here you will find your incredible beaches and some of the most amazing resorts.  This is where you will find everything from boutique hotels to mega resorts.  Punta Cana is home to many of the Islands top restaurants, numerous bars, and night clubs.  A few hotels that stand out are the Sanctuary Cap Cana is a great 5 star property in Punta Cana a 331 room all inclusive resort catering to adults and couples who are looking to relax and lavish in luxury.   A little adventurous? You can try the Pineapple Room at Nickelodeon Resort.  This is definitely not for kids only as they also cater to adults.  With 9 pools, a luxury spa, waterslides and 9 restaurants it’s perfect for active couples and families.  Now with 7000 acres and world class golf head to Casa de Campo a 5 star property featuring a full service marina, 16-century styled village, full service spa, equestrian facilities, and a shooting center.  To get around easier book a suite and you will have your own golf cart to visit those 7000 acres.


Getting around the Island is easy and I would recommend driving around the Dominican Republic while you are there.  It is one of the best ways to see the different areas of the Island.  There are 3 airports on DR and sometimes flying into Santo Domingo can save you a little money.   You can rent a car and drive to your resort if you so choose.

dR carnival 1

All Inclusives are one of the ways to go in the DR as they are plentiful and the pricing over all is great.   People think of all inclusives as just food and beverage but all inclusives even include things like entertainment and water sports.  Every all inclusive hotel is different in their offerings as some can even offer you a round of gold.  So when you think all inclusive don’t just think food and beverage.


What to bring?  Yes you are going to have to pack your own sun screen and your own bug spray.  These things on the Island are expensive and for some reason at times hard to come by.  So definitely check the bag and pack both of these to save yourself some headaches.

palm-trees-3496017__340 DR

Direct Flights are available to the Dominican Republic from places like Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, Boston,  and Atlanta on Delta Airlines.  Perfect for those cold winter climates to get a way for that mid-winter break.  There are also various connecting cities available and of course other airlines.  Santa Domingo can often have better pricing depending on the time of year you are traveling.

So if you have the Dominican Republic on your mind and are looking for that amazing Caribbean vacation I think you will be satisfied.  With ideal weather, gorgeous beaches, world class golf, amazing restaurants, and easily navigable it’s ideal for that mid-winter or anytime getaway.   As always if you find you would love to plan that next trip give me a call or drop an email and I would love to help you plan.

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wedding-1612703__340 DR

Punta Cana

5 Tips For Visiting the Domincan Repulic